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11 Powerful Principles to Lead Change

Ronin Research wrote recently on 11 Principles for Responding to Disruption. I found the diagram the chart they shared that synthesized the steps needed to effectively react to the ever changing culture.

11 Principles to Respond to DisruptionThe entire article is well worth a read. Here’s some of my thoughts in reaction:

3-Gather Intelligence. Let’s end the days of gut feelings and strong feelings as prime decision making variables. You may have heard God’s voice; you may also have heard your prideful flesh. Let data and other people’s experiences shape and lead the decision making process. Especially data. Lots of data.

7-Respond Quickly but don’t overreact. If only more ministry leaders could apply this principle, especially to thinking through their social media strategy. Every change to Facebook does not mean a complete overhaul of your strategy, nor does it mean sitting back and doing nothing. Also encourage other ministry leaders not to give up or ignore getting started because of a rapidly changing environment. Every idea explored leads to learning, and over time with evaluation will make you as a ministry leader more competent and able to try new ideas.

11-Use crises to drive innovation. “There is a reason people are annoyed or the disruption happened. Use that to your advantage to gather value out of crisis, and the way to do that is by using crises to drive innovation. How? By gathering information you can drive change and innovation.”–source

Do you resonate or have experiences with any of these principles? What has been most effective for you?

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