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3 Must Read Books as You Lead Change

In the real time era of social media it can be difficult to find resources that capture today’s rapidly changing landscape while sharing widely applicable principles.

Here are the three must-read books:

1. Rework by Jason Fried

If you are entrepreneurial and find yourself in an organization that’s either large or slow-moving this book will both encourage and embolden you to continue to push towards change.

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2. Small is the New Big by Seth Godin

A collection of short blog posts that capture the post-industrial era philosophical shifts and will help you get an overall view of the new landscape.

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3. Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

Once you are serious about leading change the question changes from “How do I get things done?” to “How do I get the right things done?” This book will help you answer the second question.

Read the reviews on Amazon here. 

What books would you say are must-reads for entrepreneurial minded leaders?




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