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4 Great Posts from CCC Bloggers

Lots of great blogs being produced these days from CCC staff. Here’s four I liked from the last week:

Bloggin Beav:

MiSDIRECT Communication is when you actually end up communicating the exact opposite of what you’re trying to communicate.  I’ve noticed of late in some organizational settings outside of my immediate context that some communicators have been so obviously fearful of backlash or reactions that in their attempts to manage the reactions and soften the blow or beat around the bush – that they actually end up affirming the exact opposite of what they really are trying to say or communicate.–Brian Virtue


Double Derivative:

Another way we try and stay out of living in our inboxes in through the use of project collaboration software.  This has many advantages.–Russ Martin

Leadership, Technology, Innovation:

I discovered the Action Method iPhone Application recently and so far I haven’t looked back. It’s simple, beautiful and customizable. It allows me organize action steps any way I want, plus it allows me to mark things as focus items for the day as I plan my priorities.–Matt McComas

file cabinets

Leading in Ministry:

We interviewed a student named Pete last spring who, I think, speaks for most college students.  He would likely call himself a Christian (as most students at the University of Arkansas do) but lives the wild college life – partying and hooking up with girls. We asked him what he and his friends thought of Cru. His response, “Most of my friends in my fraternity just want to have a good time in college.  So they don’t want to come to Cru or a Bible study because they don’t want to be good, they don’t want to be perfect right now.  They want to make mistakes and party and have sex with girls.”–Tim Casteel

photos courtesy of visual_dichotomy & mightymightymatze

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