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4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Updates

1. START the update with “Like” or “Comment”

So many Facebook updates start with a long string of words that can make it difficult for people to quickly understand the update. Remember most people are scanning your updates on their newsfeed, not reading them on your page. By starting the update with “Like” or “Comment” your fans will immediately know what you want them to do and will be more engaged in the rest of the content.

2. SHOW a picture that captures attention rather than telling with long wandering descriptions.

A picture will stand out much more prominently than text, and is easier to scan than a video. Try sharing a picture, and then sharing the text as a comment underneath the photo. This will increase the likelihood that the update will be included in fans’ Top News section.

3. STOP creating an event for every activity.

Joining an event(s) each week can fatigue your fans to the point where they stop paying attention to your updates or even hide your page’s updates from their newsfeed. Select only the most high momentum events to create a Facebook event, and promote smaller events as updates using #1, 2, and #4 from this post.

4. TAG people and other pages in your updates.

If there are specific people or pages that relate to your update make sure to tag them in the update using the “@” key. Or if you are sharing a picture consider tagging a few people to increase the chances of receiving a like or comment.

An Example that uses #1 and #2 extremely effectively:

military ministry facebook page update

Notice this update from Campus Crusade’s Military Ministry contains an invitation to like the update as well as a captivating photo that draws attention and provides context for the update.


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