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5 Helpful Online Giving Quotes

old apple computerThe first goal you should have with any online media is to cultivate a relationship with current and future donors. This relationship is cultivated with your blog posts, tweets, YouTube videos, and e-mails. Putting a call to action in every single piece of content misses this important point.–source

The study found that participants wanted, most of all, to see an organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and work. Secondly they wanted to know how the charity uses their donations and contributions.–source

More than half of online donors are female and most have given to a charity before.source

If you want a second gift, show the donor you know him or her.(in other words do not send out generic, unfocused online appeals)–source

Part of the reason my email campaign was successful was because I had carefully selected my list of recipients. While my email list included some of the social media friends I was already reaching via other channels, it contained mostly relatives, parent’s friends, and classmates who typically do not see my Twitter and Facebook activity. Make sure you are segmenting your audience when sending out communications.–source

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