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6 Awesome Email Etiquette Quotes

Sending targeted communications that speak to that customer on a more personal basis will, in most instances, improve your conversion rates versus a simple blanket message to everyone. —source

No, you shouldn’t (email everyone back). But many people do, because there doesn’t seem to be a great alternative. It’s asymmetrical, and productivity loses to politeness.”–source

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There are many elements to consider in writing a great headline, but make no bones about it, this is essential. Only 15% of emails are even opened, according to Blackbaud. Creating pithy headlines that are active in tense, short in length, and clear in purpose are critical to success.–source

Aim for 4 sentences. Use sentence #1 to explain how they might be more successful because of your idea. Sentence #2 explains further. Sentence #3 asks for/explains the next step. Sentence #4 reminds them of how they’ll benefit.–source

Personalization, such as including a recipient’s first name or last name, doesn’t significantly improve open rates. Providing localization, such as including a city name, does help. –source

Send links instead of attachments whenever possible–source  One of the top four email annoyances is not being able to find an attachment. Using links does not completely remove this problem but does allow an additional method for people to retrieve the content you send them.

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