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A CEO is Now A Hero When

“A very different kind of “CEO as hero” is now emerging, one who sees the opportunity to amplify the impact of everyone by shaping and influencing rather than directing.  That’s a long way from the mindset of the leaderless organization.  What we’re looking at is the opportunity to make organizations “leaderful.”  In the meantime, if you’re a CEO, we recommend that you ask if your leadership glass is half empty or half full.  There’s cause for optimism for CEOs who know they matter, but understand how others matter too.”–The Chasm Of Management Practices

Digital platforms increase the opportunities for every employee to create or build partnerships with customers and key stakeholders both inside and outside the organization, discover and monitor their industry’s trends, while uncovering and sharing critical information to their organization’s future.

Tomorrow’s CEOs will be able to unleash their employees to create value and build relationships in ways that overshadow today’s command and control, hierarchical companies.

Dov Seidman shares an example of the empowered employee in this video:

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