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A #newnew approach to work

Digital and social media have impacted how organizations function, create meaning for their employees, and deliver value to their customers.

These impacts are not limited to commercial entities – nonprofits, associations, foundations, even religious institutions are having to respond to changes that are happening faster than their current strategies, business processes, and resources can handle.

With the guidance and insights from a variety of colleagues, mentors, and industry leaders, I have endeavored to develop a framework for executives to identify revenue growth opportunities that involve multiple departments, competing management philosophies, diverse stakeholders, and enterprise technology.


I conceived this framework by researching the key trends in enterprise technology, and mapping their impact to these organizational elements:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Revenue Drivers
  • Brand Philosophy
  • Brand Building
  • C-Suite Functions
  • Enterprise Technology Approach & Systems
  • Products and Pricing Models
  • Customer Segments

Organizations that have adopted a social or open mindset and are utilizing technology to drive this mindset are #newnew — companies such as Airbnb, Zappos, and Uber that are truly leveraging social and digital to connect people and deliver value in new ways. The digital infrastructure your organization employs will determine whether you succeed or fail in this world of increasingly #newnew organizations:

“To serve these customers, you will have to move from systems of record to systems of engagement. Apps are just a small part of that equation. Instead, we’re talking about re-engineering your entire company to deliver great digital experiences. Your brands will compete against Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon for setting the bar for great customer experiences. What It Means: In the future, every company will be a software company. Software is the new business currency more important than financial capital.Your Opportunity in the Age of the Customer, Forrester

I am on a quest in 2014 to build out this framework and look forward to involving as many people as possible in the process of sorting out these complicated changes in a manner that helps executives pinpoint the technological changes that either are currently happening or need to happen in order to continue to deliver exceptional value to their customers.

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