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Between Good News & Good Deeds: Doug Pollock Interview

I’ve been seeing/hearing more conversations around Doug Pollock’s book God Space and found a short video interview where Doug talks a bit about the book.

Have you read God Space? Are you using it in a training or discipleship context? Would love to hear about it!


  1. Wow. That’s surprisingly bad audio. But that book sounds really interesting. I’m buying it. You’re welcome for the 10 cents you earned off my commission!

    We’re doing a new series for our weekly evangelism training time for students this fall and its focus is on relational evangelism. Other resources you, Brian or others, would recommend? Anyone, by chance, written a series of training lessons on this?

    • dude bad audio is the norm for stuff like this. i’ve produced some just like this.

      i know santa monica sp did some stuff w God Space and had Doug out to speak–also ocean city nj i believe.

      let me see if those guys can jump in and comment.

  2. Yeah I heard Doug Pollock this summer. He came and spoke on Santa Monica summer project. He had some good stuff to say, and really challenges those Campus Crusade old regimes. But probably the most impactful speaker and book I’ve read on Evangelism is “Questioning Evangelism” by Randy newman. He also came and spoke and we based much of Santa monica summer project on his talks.

    We taped all the talks from Randy Newman and Doug Pollock. I know for sure you can find the notes and powerpoint slides from those talks here:

    As well as email dj.jenkins@uscm.org and ask where the actual video talks are. I know Im going to try and train all ASU students on Randys A-Z scale regarding evangelism, really brilliant.

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