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Centralization Check-Up for Your Ministry

centralizationSpending time evaluating what sorts of processes or work can be centralized in your ministry can yield tremendous rewards.

Centralization frees up leaders to expand your ministry, pursue the vision, and take significant steps of faith. It also prevents people from depending too heavily on past processes or using resources to protect the past instead of usher in the future.

Here’s a quick check-list to spark your thinking:

  • Are there multiple people completing the same task? What is the corresponding increase in people and/or resources? Is that ratio a reflection of a desire to maintain the past or build the future?
  • Are there multiple systems for managing communication or task completion? Do you or those in your ministry have to schedule the same event in multiple places, or get more than one person’s permission to take action or acquire resources?
  • Do those leading and serving in your ministry know who the decision maker is for the various roles and responsibilities they perform?
  • Are you fishing with a shotgun in any area? By that I mean are you distributing a disproportionate amount of resources to complete a task or goal?

Centralization is a powerful tool for leading change in your ministry. Keeping your leaders focused and resourced to spend the best part of their days on realizing the future will give them life, challenge their hearts and faith, and produce exponential spiritual fruit.

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