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Crossing Into the Postnormal

“We’re no longer living in the old economy, based on industrial-era principles. That’s over. We’ve crossed into the Postnormal, and most leaders are either unaware of that transition, or are seeing only disconnected parts of it.”–Stowe Boyd

Digital and social media create a new infrastructure to build relationships, create products and services, and share resources in a fundamentally different way than before. There is literally a gaping chasm between the industrial mindset and the digital/social one.

“The most critical attributes of leaders today will not look like those we associate with leadership of even a few years ago. The patience to let things develop, the ability to operate in ambiguity. And lastly, the courage to try things that make you uncomfortable.”–Stowe Boyd

How does a leader know for certain that they have crossed into the postnormal? When they understand at a heart level that power and control are an illusion, and spend the majority of their time facilitating connections, identifying emerging trends, and co-creating the direction of their department or organization with employees, customers, and interested stakeholders.


  1. Hi Brian,

    Excellent post and very well said. I too am very interested in this transition into the social era and what it means for leadership, strategy, relationships, humanity, etc. I’ve been reading some of Brene Brown’s writing recently on vulnerability. So much of allowing ourselves to be authentic leaders, of trying new things, and moving through uncertainty and ambiguity depends on our willingness to let go and be vulnerable.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    • Sure Dave! Someone just shared Brene Brown’s TED Talk w me. It was phenomenal.

      It’s exciting to hear leaders from a variety of industries communicate the value of transparency, influence, empathy, and authenticity.

      Thanks for the comment!

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