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Cut the Lifeboat!

“So the soldiers cut the rope that held the lifeboat and let it fall away.”

I have been reading Acts 27 recently, which describes the Apostle Paul’s voyage to Rome, and includes a series of difficult circumstances while seeking to arrive at the destination.

It’s been a comfort and encouragement to me since moving in June from California and still waiting to arrive at our destination in Indianapolis due to financial support raising.

Previous to this verse the soldiers started to climb into the lifeboat to escape the impending shipwreck. Contrary to reason Paul instructs them to stay on the boat as the Lord has ordained this to be the manner in which He will save the people on the ship.

I’m struck at the symbolism of cutting/sacrificing the natural/known/reasonable for the supernatural/unknown/unreasonable. The lifeboat exists to save sailors from a shipwreck, yet they cut it loose and stay on the sinking ship, trusting in Paul and the Lord’s promise.

My family and I are literally right at this moment of choosing whether to cut the lifeboat or not. As much as we know the Lord is calling us it’s still extremely difficult to make the decision.

I know many of you who read this blog want to see God do new things–in your life, your ministry, the world. I hope you cut the lifeboat and allow God to fulfill his call in your life!

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