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Desiring God Site Models Usability and Sharing!

Have you ever used a ministry resource site that ended up making you feel less resourced than when you started? I’m excited for Desiring God’s new site that thought first about the person coming to the site, not just about blasting out their content with new tools.

The site seeks to make the resources “more accessible to increase its spreading,” quoting from the video.

Even you and me, the local ministry leader can apply this principle.

  • If you create a resource that receives positive feedback upload the file to your blog, grab the link, and share it with your friends.
  • If you do not blog send it to someone you know who does blog and encourage them to share it on their site (like me!)
  • Create a Dropbox account, start a resource folder, and share it with those you know. This is nice for the non blogger because when you upload a new resource, you can email specific friends that might find it useful and let them know to check the folder for new content.

Kudos to for their leadership and hard work!

Check out the short video! Click here to watch it on their site.

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