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Do You Know What Your Ministry Is Supposed to Look Like?

If you cannot visualize how your ministry is supposed to look like how can you boldly ask God for big things that will lead to significant transformation?

The stock answer to the question “What would it look like for God to powerfully show up in our ministry?” is “more people and the current people doing bigger things for God.” We should have specific and detailed answers to that question.

I love this video from Lamborghini advertising their “Aventador,” because it reveals the specific details that create an amazing automobile.

In order to properly visualize what your ministry is supposed to look like these elements must be present:

  • A clear biblical calling rooted in a specific passage(s) of Scripture
  • Significant time spent with your team talking about passions, frustrations, challenges, and current realities (for your ministry and for the place you are seeking to reach)
  • An understanding of what you specifically bring as a leader and your ministry’s distinctives (mission, vision, values) applied contextually.
  • A willingness to “see” things that are not yet there.

Instead of reacting to the present and praying for more people are you dreaming of specific details that will truly enhance your ministry and make it more glorifying to Jesus?  

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it in your browser. 

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