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Dominate the Facebook Wall for Jesus!

Facebook for the time being has begun aggregating common links as one large story.

I shared the same link in four different places, and instead of Facebook showing it as four different individual stories they show it as one large story.

This is HUGE for promoting your ministry’s events in a socially recommended manner.

The previous way to make a story popular was to share a link or write a status update and have people like or comment underneath that story.

The perception was that many people like ONE person’s post.

With this new feature the perception is that MANY people like ONE story. Think about how different that is from the perception of an outsider. The feel is communal, rather than individual. It elevates the STORY over the individual.

One way to try this out:

  • Write an announcement for an upcoming event as a blog post on your ministry website.
  • Once you publish it, grab the link for THAT BLOG POST–not your general ministry website link.
  • Have 3-10 people from your ministry EACH share that link on their wall around the same time.

Not only will this go to the Top News section of most of the friends of the people that shared the link but you will reap all the aforementioned benefits.

If you try it out let us know in the comments!


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