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Evangelism and Latinos and Leading as a Mom: Two Topics on the Upcoming Blogference

the blogference logo One of my favorite parts of The Blogference is hearing diverse perspectives on issues that affect my daily ministry. With authors and commenters sharing their thoughts from literally around the world, it’s an opportunity to learn and glean insights in a refreshing and unusual manner.

Evangelism and Latinos

With the population of Latinos growing exponentially in the US more and more ministry leaders are starting to seriously think through how to engage them contextually and effectively. You will hear from a Cru staff member who has been working diligently to reach and mobilize Latinos, and what is working and what is not as it relates to evangelism!

Leading as a Mom

I’ve watched my wife and many other women wrestle through how to have an impact in their ministry context as well as enjoy being a mom. I’m excited to bring in a mom who has walked through these challenges and has a passion for leadership! 

The Blogference will be from Monday, August 15th to Wednesday August 17th. On each of the three days, new posts will be shared at the beginning of each day for discussion and interaction. You will be able to comment on any of these posts at any time as soon as they are live. Often times discussions will spill over into the next day, and switch from topic to topic.

I hope you take the time to read at least one post and comment! 

Here’s a video illustrating the new American reality related to Latinos:

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