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Evangelism, Twitter, and Podcasts-3 Parts of My Week

The Blogference is alive!

It has been a busy week over at the RE-Think Blogference. Last week I started hosting weekly posts from Campus Crusade staff members around the world!

This week’s topic was “Are we Really Doing Evangelism the First Weeks on Campus?” a discussion addressing the tension between engaging non-Christians with the Gospel and connecting new Christians to a Christian community.

RE-Think Podcast has begun!

To expand the reach of the blogference and to empower and involve more ministry leaders in the content creation process I started a podcast! Dan Birch, a former student and intern at Chico State, and new staff at Arizona State University, and I discussed the topic of evangelism during the first few weeks on campus.

We are now on iTunes! Click here to subscribe to the RE-Think Podcast!

Should your ministry team use Twitter?

A friend asked me to write something up for why and how his ministry team could use Twitter. I wrote up a short article and posted it here on my site. I would love your feedback! It would be great to have a short, practical document to help understand the service.

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