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Every Ministry Leader Can Show Off Their….


Not killing themselves by working long hours or never taking a break or frantically sharing vision. But demonstrating their passion, vision, and convictions through intentional actions that cause those whom they lead to want to take on some new challenge. I know I’m around a solid leader when I start dreaming of executing big ideas or re-thinking the way I lead.

I’ve been excited by some of the projects other ministry leaders in various organizations are working on–side projects that have the potential to have a huge impact. Even if they are things that I am not gifted in I get fired up when I sense how much they care and how much extra time they put in to make a dream a reality.

Matt Stauffer, on staff with Intervarsity just started Staff Hacker, a technology and productivity blog for campus ministry leaders. It’s caused me to think more strategically about the RE-Think Blogference and to focus on real needs and problems of ministry leaders.

Don’t apply all your hustle to the present–when you hustle in light of your values and the future some really cool things start to happen.


  1. Yes, to often we think being good at our job means killing ourselves by working to hard. Where all we need is more intentionality in what we’re doing.

    Thanks for the staffhacker link. Nice resource.

      • It’s really hard to keep this focus because the busyness we walk around with is often applauded and we feel kind of bad if we aren’t scrambling from one thing to another. I fully agree that hustle in pursuit of something one cares a lot about is so motivating, while franticness as a way of ministry-life is very unattractive.

        • yeah dude it’s so frustrating when busyness is rewarded–and so hard to criticize in a redemptive way because it can come across as jealousy or as though one doesn’t value hard work.

  2. As always, great post – thanks for the StaffHacker link. Looks very promising.

    One unsolicited idea in making the Blogference more strategic – is maybe re-branding/naming it. I’m sure more than one person has made the mistake that Steve Douglass made (in his post) in thinking that it’s a one time event/online-conference (which I would assume was it’s roots?). Whereas it seems to be more of an ongoing place to promote better thinking/sharing/ideas within CCC. And “RE-Think Blogference” is a bit of a mouthful. And just out of curiosity – what is metabelle.com (is the name significant)?

    • it’s a great idea tim! in fact i just purchased rethinkblog.co (not .com unfortunately).

      what do you think of that? will the .co be a distraction? or is it a good trade for a simpler name?

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