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“Evolve” The 2011 Blogference Starts Today!

cellsThe Blogference is an online conference that I have hosted for the last four years. It seeks to start ministry conversations and connect ministry starters around the world.

This year’s theme is Evolve and the vision is that ministry leaders would not only discern the changes in culture and technology, but evolve and make significant changes to increase their fruitfulness.
Last year over 1,200 people participated in the conference. Please head over and leave a comment, or read the discussions going on.

Here’s a list of today’s posts:

Leading From a Future-Focused Perspective by Pastor Dave Kraft from Mars Hill and the Acts 29 Network

How Are You Leading in Response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins? An open discussion among ministry leaders.

Campus Crusade for Christ is More Than a Name, by Dan Birch, CCC staff at Arizona State University

Inbox Zero Video from–How to manage your email and increase your productivity.

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