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Why Every Campus Ministry Needs a Fan Page

A Facebook Page used strategically and intentionally can be exponentially more effective than a traditional ministry website.

I hosted a quick webinar for some campus ministers on how using a Facebook Fan page dramatically improves both external and internal communication.

If you have yet to move to a Fan Page I would suggest doing so RIGHT NOW. Click here to go to Facebook’s Pages site to get started.

A couple great questions that were asked during the webinar that I wanted to answer here:

  • If I have a group page and start a fan page, what do I do with my group page? Keep the group page, post a status update every couple weeks reminding people to go to your fan page to stay up to date. It’s to your advantage to have more than a one place on Facebook where new students can find out about you.
  • If my ministry is large or has multiple campuses/sites do I create a fan page for each of them? I would create a new fan page if more than 1/3 of the regular updates do not apply to more than 2/3 of the fans. If fans regularly see information that is not relevant/useful/contextualized for them they often tune out the ENTIRE page.

If you’re reading this via email click here to see the slides in the orginal post.

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  1. Dude. I was just going to post on this tomorrow. And I still am! It’s going to be Brian Barela day over at On Friday I just ran across your post about Fan Pages from last summer (don’t ask me how). And so we started a Fan Page yesterday.

    We are planning on using Facebook heavily this fall, mostly based on your various postings about Facebook. Thanks for setting us up well to reach students for Christ!

    Here’s our Fan Page:
    Any insights anyone has would be appreciated.

    • thanks tim. i literally spent 4 days last week w guys a lot smarter than me working on fan page strategies.

      your page looks great–setting up a welcome tab and having that as the default for people that aren’t fans is HUGE! way to go.

      our team is working on bringing as much information from the website into the page via applications.

      look what i did w this blog:

      the developers on my team are working on custom coding elements that shrink the site to fit on the fan page. the implications are significant!

    • the analytics are from the “View Old Insights” link when you click on insights.

      most people don’t use them but i can see ministry leaders using them to determine ROI on advertising/large events and outreaches/first week and month promo/etc.

      the boxes that are going away are the ones that you can embed on your profile–i have a livestream box on my profile that i believe is what they are talking about.

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