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Facebook Moves Beyond an App

A recent NY Times article described and reacted to Facebook Home:

For example, for most people, the entire purpose of a Home screen is displaying app icons. But there are no icons on Facebook’s Home screens; Facebook thinks you’d rather use that space for reading Facebook updates.

The only icon that appears is your own profile photo. You can drag it to the left to open the Facebook Messaging app, to the right to open the last open app — or upward to open a grid of app icons on a gray background. Ah, here are the apps. But it’s awfully sparse; where are the rest?

In removing the app-launching function from the Home screen, Facebook has wound up having to reinvent the way you open programs on your phone, and the result feels like a hack.

The evolution of Facebook from an application to an operating system mirrors the evolution happening in social or connected organizations. Progressive organizations make “social” part of every department while integrating as much data as possible from channels, apps, and sites.


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