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Fighting Social Media Overload from Within

The single biggest hole that exists not just in Twitter but Facebook and other services as well: the need to give users more ways of filtering the massive amounts of information that keep flooding their activity streams and other social media in-boxes. There are so many ways of producing and sharing content but so few good ways of filtering.–Businessweek

Curating online content becomes a necessity with a variety of dominant macro-social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) and micro-networks (Path, Instagram).

Twitter recently purchased Summify, a web application that curates the most important content for it’s users. At least in my own circles of friends the media we share with one another continues to fragment, it’s an increasing burden to manage and stay connected in all these places.

Yesterday I realized that I had not checked the timeline of Twitter in over a month–I have only used lists to stay engaged with a select amount of people.

I’m curious to see how these social networks will innovate to filter information. For now, it’s worth watching this video from Summify to see how they have attempted to solve the problem.

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