Frog Design Reinvent Business Hackathon Participant

Selected to participate in Frog Design‘s first hackathon consisting of 150 creative minds from design, technology, business, and academia.

“Co-developed by frog and LRN, and in partnership with Blumberg Capital, BSR, Carnegie Mellon University, Cue Ball, Dachis Group, Fast Company, Net Impact, Silicon Valley Bank, and the World Economic ForumReinvent Business brought together a diverse group of 150 software developers, designers, gamers, filmmakers, storytellers, and business leaders to design and build innovative products and services that have the capacity to change corporate behavior from within. Based on the belief that social technology and design present a unique opportunity to drive higher levels of transparency, empathy, and self-governance within companies, our goal was to create concepts and prototypes for software applications that translate values and principles into concrete interactions and tangible experiences at the workplace.”–Design Mind Magazine



Worked with a team to develop a prototype of SweetSpot, a B2C application designed to create more transparent interactions between brands and consumers. 

“Sweet Spot decentralizes communication between companies and their customers, helping brands tell their story transparently. Employees share live moments featuring brand details or new product developments. Followers of the company are encouraged to engage by contributing insights and responses in real time. This dialogue bridges the gap between brand and consumer while capturing the small moments that define an organization.”–Design Mind Magazine

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