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Good Flows Between The Public and Private #newnew

“In our collaborative society, private donors will give money to local parks, state schools and even our highway system if that’s what it takes.” – What Will Branding Look Like in 2014? Forbes

Good is no longer confined to a system, organization, process, or methodology. #newnew organizations such as TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker are changing the way people give back and think about charitable donations. It’s about investing in good much more than giving to charity.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s gift of 18 million Facebook speaks to the infusion of generosity happening in individuals and organizations:

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation serves as a gatekeeper to a number of different charitable causes. Donors provide the financial capital, and the foundation assists them in making sure their gift is presented to the appropriate charities. In 2013, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation awarded more than 10,000 grants to over 29 different countries, according to its website. — Mashable

Nonprofits that align their brand experience across channels, product and resource lines will rocket ahead of those that rest on past performance or assume that their donors will follow them across the digital chasm.

Commercial entities that empower internal champions to lead CSR initiatives, volunteer activities, or company wide philanthropy initiatives will continue to find increased brand loyalty, engagement, and advocacy among current customers.

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