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How is Your Ministry’s Present Connected to It’s Future?

oklahoma city thunder logo“There is no relation to thunder – no dark cloud, no lightning, no rain, no thundering herd.”–blog post critiquing the Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Logo

As I read this critique of the Oklahoma City Thunder logo I thought about how often my ┬ádays/weeks do not include actions that are true of my ministry’s mission, vision, and values (MVV).

My actions are the most tangible demonstration of my belief in the MVV yet checking Twitter twenty five times a day is like forgetting to integrate thunder imagery into the logo.

Non-urgent but important activities move a ministry forward, but a variety of challenges seek to stifle them from being completed:

  • Unclear, demonstrable, immediate results–most non-urgent/important activities have little immediate gratification.
  • High frustration–the potential to be disappointed is great.
  • Inability to control outcomes–trusting God and ministering out of the whole instead of one specific part requires an ability to be comfortable with non-linear results.

“There is no distinct relation to Oklahoma – every NBA city has sunsets, suns, and basketballs.”–source

What two to three things characterize your ministry, and only your ministry? Is every part a reflection of every other ministry nearby? What can you work on today or this week to differentiate your ministry?

Not to make it different for different’s sake, but to realize the unique dreams and vision that God has given you.

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