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How Many Future-Oriented Decisions Are Made Without You?

futuristic car seatsThe longer a ministry leader stays in a leadership role the more future-oriented decisions OTHERS should be making.

There are core decisions that a ministry leader can and should make every year, especially related to ones where a majority of resources are being released. If a ministry has not grown significantly in the past 2-3 years the chances are THE leader is making most of the future-oriented decisions. It’s simply impossible for emerging leaders to thrive without having to make critical decisions that affect resource distribution.

Some other good fruit that comes when leaders delegate decision making:

They are forced to spend time aligning others through vision casting, motivation, and encouragement.

They stop DOING everything.

They notice that good things happen APART & WITHOUT them, which often results in greater humility and less pride.

Those around them start taking significant steps of faith that cause EXPONENTIAL rather than linear growth.

Don’t Just Count Quanity, But Also Quality

The goal is not to get decisions off your plate to anyone but to select those who have demonstrated leadership initiative. Look back at the last three months of your ministry–count not just how many decisions were made without you but WHICH PERSON(s) made those decisions.

Are you comfortable with those people making those decisions or are there others that would be a better fit for setting the course of your ministry future?


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