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How to Know EXACTLY When To Follow Someone Back on Twitter

I met Vince at SXSWI this Spring. He’s an Internet Pastor (click here to see his online church site) in Austin and shares in the video helpful Twitter etiquette in relation to following vs not following back people who follow you, as well as what your “Twitter Ratio” communicates to those who visit your Twitter profile for the first time.

Here’s a sample of the discussion that ensued from his video post:

“I can honestly say I’m less likely to follow someone if they have a really lopsided follow ratio. There are a few exception like Chris Brogan and Pam Slim, but these are people whose advice I genuinely respect and want to hear more from. Yet even they constantly engage their followers even if they don’t follow them back.”–Stephen Murphey

“I have 80,000+ followers and “follow” close to the same amount. Obviously, I don’t pay attention to this many people. I do it primarily for the convenience of being able to direct message one another. I find that many questions and/or comments aren’t relevant to my entire follower list, so I would rather take it private and communicate there.”–Michael Hyatt

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Thanks Vince for your insight!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it

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