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I’m Afraid of Getting Left Behind

“Braddock changed when the world started to change”

The way the townspeople spoke about the past deeply struck me. I’ve heard those same sentiments in the church and in Campus Crusade–a desire for the good ole days, and a resistance toward newness or renewal.

I’m excited about the young entrepreneurs I see in the church and in Campus Crusade, eager to renovate and transform people and systems. I’m afraid of getting left behind not to be the tool for school Christian but because there are so many opportunities to lead redemptive change. Social media has provided an unprecedented set of tools for getting it done than now–we can get help from people across the street, state, and globe.

I’m committed to leading change. You?

Thanks to Chris Brogan for drawing attention to a significant effort.

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it.

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