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I’m Relationally Stupid. Are You?

“If we want to increase our relational intelligence, we must learn how to identify our blind spots clearly and specifically, while also paying attention to how they affect our leadership and relationships.”

Doug Pollock has a resource site containing a variety of articles relevant to ministry. It’s worth taking a second to check it out.

I discovered “Relational Intelligence” on his site which includes a chapter from Steve Saccone’s book with the same title.

I’m sharing an abbreviated version here that you could use in the context of a team meeting, discipleship appointment, or even an extended time with the Lord.

Couple great quotes from the article:

“Without developing a keen sense of self-awareness, how we relate to people may be no more than accidental.”

“Our inherent challenge is that we’re acutely attuned to dysfunction when we see it in others, but significantly slower to recognize it in ourselves.”

Click here to download the whole enchilada.

This and other great resources shared with me by ministry leaders are on the Top 5. Click here to check them out!

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