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Implementing Ideas, Gospel Illustrations, and Quitting Leaders: 3 Links

Found some great stuff last week via the Twittersphere and wanted to pass them along!

Does the Bridge Illustration Still Work? via Justin Wise’s blog BeDeviant

The comments a worth checking out. Here’s one: “I believe that the culture has moved beyond its obsession with salvation and moralism, and is rather asking itself far more existential, or perhaps experiential, questions.”

7 Reasons Leaders Quit Your Organization via the Catalystspace Blog

My favorite read this past week for sure! Best quote from the post: “You can allow leaders to work for the good of the organization or stifle them, discourage them and spend valuable time and effort consistently replacing them.  If you want to keep leaders…let them lead!”

Moving Ideas to Implementation, via the Echo Conference 2010 blog

Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation shares his best practices in making a great idea happen. His creativity theory: “Start with one idea. Work on it. Then you get other ideas. Ideas start connecting with each other. Then there’s a divine moment where all the ideas, some seeming random, come together to make THE idea.”

Do you have any good links to pass on?

Here’s the YouTube video Justin Found for the bridge illustration:

photo courtesy of xiaozhuli

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