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Kindle Vs. iPad, Not So Much

The zero-sum/either-or paradigm is becoming less and less relevant, especially to Gen-Y and lower.

Just saw this commercial comparing the Kindle to the iPad. The thing for me is that I love the Kindle AND the iPad. I own an iPad (a gift), and I am definitely considering asking for a Kindle as a gift. As I’ve traveled many of the power-traveler/business-person own both.

Same seems true for ministry; even when one ministry is clearly “better” than another (not in terms of value, but in size, health, and maturity) I’ve seen people highly reticent to acknowledge either/or thinking.

I’d love to see Amazon do a campaign showing how the Kindle COMPLEMENTS the iPad. Rather than point out the deficiencies highlight the values of having both (one that’s easy to read by the pool, the other that’s awesome for surfing the web, checking email, and watching Netflix in your room).

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Have you seen the zero-sum/either-or paradigm drop in favor amongst those you’re leading?


  1. Hey Brian…

    Just got a kindle. Completely digging the electronic ink.

    I don’t think I would get both unless it was gifted to me. I could see investing in an iPad further down the road once the prices come down and the screens get smaller.

    • price was another reason why i don’t see them as competitors; was surprised that amazon is reacting to the iPad as a true competitor (i can see people generally comparing the devices, but in terms of people at the point of sale the price is just too far apart).

      hoping to get a kindle soon! thanks for the comment!

    • lol. yes indeed.

      i remember reading that paperback kindle post.

      i do like the “ship the kindle w $1000 of books on it” from the reinventing the kindle post–or even give me a credit of $200 that i can use in the kindle store–that would be legit. have already spent that in the kindle store.

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