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Lighten Your Ministry Structure

When evaluating your ministry structure the conversation has a gravitational pull towards addition, not subtraction.

However pruning/curating/streamlining your ministry structure by taking things out and/or grouping things together offers a huge opportunity for significant growth and increased effectiveness.

Here’s a couple things to think through:

Are there any ministry teams that overlap more than 30% in function? Sometimes there is a team tasked toward community and a team tasked toward events. These could be combined and restructured so that the leadership roles is expanded and the commitments are raised, providing new growth opportunities for current leaders.

Is there a team that has served it’s purpose and needs to end? So often contexts demand a short-term, highly focused solution. I think of an evangelism team–you certainly do not want to segment evangelism to a specific group of people, but often times you need to create momentum and energy for evangelism, and a team is a great solution for that. Leaders who have roles but little actual responsibility can become frustrated, distracting, and bitter towards your ministry. To reduce or even take away their actual role in exchange for a role that allows them to step out in faith more significantly is worth it in the long run.

I love this short new commercial from New Balance that connects to this theme:


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