Social Media for Ministries
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Linked-The Power of Social Media & Ministry

We have a tremendous opportunities to use social media to complement existing ministry events AND create a higher level of intent among students that do not know Christ.

In June I presented to Campus Crusade students from the Caribbean on using social media as a tool for ministry rather than a toy. Here’s the slides that I used.

Linked-The Power of Social Media and Ministry

Some are not helpful without context but there are some nuggets and stats there worth considering/sharing with those that still do not buy in.
I know often times internet ministry is thought of as either/or rather than both/and. Here’s one snippet from my talk that argues for both/and:
“I’m talking about DRIVING ENGAGEMENT AND CONVERSATION AROUND GOSPEL CONTENT AND COMMUNITIES—I think about Jesus telling us to sow or plant seeds, and repeating over and over that it’s his Spirit that opens the eyes and softens the hearts of non-believers to his Gospel—the more people are engaging Gospel content—watching video testimonies, reading stories of changed lives, reading about what the Gospel truly means—and engaging Gospel communities—getting to know Christians first hand, seeing their hearts, hearing how God has changed them—that’s when the Spirit has tons of room to work and operate.”
Have you experienced the either/or sentiment? What are you thoughts on it?

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