Social Media for Ministries
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Mission Driven, Medium Agnostic: Scott Belsky at SXSWI

“We are mission driven but medium agnostic.”–Scott Belsky

Belsky runs Behance, a platform for creative professionals, and authored Making Ideas Happen, which was discussed on the recent RE-Think Blogference.

The quote resonated with me because so often discussions about integrating social media into ministry center around which tool the “expert” prefers instead of which tool would be best given the goals and realities of the target audience. I love the focus on the mission and the medium as an enhancement/means rather than a substitute/end.

The unhealthy extreme is mission-driven, medium-insensitive. When there is no thought given to the medium or merely left to the default of what’s been done before then the mission does suffer from a lack of strategic leadership.



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