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Mobilize Change in Your City!

“We need more citizens who feel agency — that they can actually influence the future of their communities. Otherwise, there is complacency and resignation. Give a Minute encourages agency. Go ahead. Share your ideas. Change your city.”–from a recent NY Times post.

Check out Give a Minute’s home page, which includes not only idea generation and sharing, but transparency and accountability. I love the  “Who’s Listening” section near the bottom. Whenever my opinion is asked of something I always wonder if it will matter–if someone who has decision making power is listening AND willing to make changes.

What do you think ministries and churches could do with something like this?

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  1. a couple more interesting comments from the post:

    “What if there were a way to transform complaints into something positive and productive? What if we reframed the exchange to be less about adversity and more about cooperation and action?”

    “In this country’s quest for individuality, we sometimes forget we do need other people; this project helps facilitate that. It may take more than a minute, but it’s worth a shot.”

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