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Munchery–Local Collaboration Leveraging Technology

Munchery provides professionally prepared meals to your doorstep. One of their tag-lines is “personal chefs to the masses.”


What I love about Muchery is how it empowers local chefs and connects them to an entirely new audience. Young chefs that might have to wait years to get broad exposure and feedback now can have those same experiences in a matter of weeks. Each Chef has a profile page that includes reviews–since this business leverages local chefs I believe the quality of the reviews will be above average–not only will the person writing the review feel more connected to the chef but those reading to the reviews could literally be neighbors, raising the trust beyond general Yelp reviews.

Here’s their promotional video:

Currently this is only available in San Francisco but I could see this spreading to other cities. What a great example of using technology to connect and empower people in new ways!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it in your browser.

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