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New As In Never Been Done Before

spingtime in indianaWe just bought a house. It’s new to us but over 30 years old.

I’m amazed by how many objects and experiences that feel new are simply new to me. This makes me even more amazed at the newness that Jesus inaugurated on Easter.

I’m amazed at the timing of the resurrection–growing up in Southern California I had no idea that Spring symbolized newness–it was just another series of days in low 60’s-mid 70’s. But around my house in Indiana new life is emerging all around me. I’m realizing that Jesus does not want me to miss the power of his newness.

The few times that I have trusted Jesus and lived out his newness has been staggering–loving my son completely different than the way my father treated me, taking steps of faith that felt hopeless yet brought tremendous change, experiencing surprising acts of kindness that can only be the result of an extremely kind and gracious God.

My job involves introducing people to new technologies–most people have an extremely difficult time embracing the new opportunities that these technologies present–most people want to use these new technologies in old ways.

I’m aware of how often I behave in this way towards Jesus–I’m fearful of the tremendous opportunities that His newness offers, and more often than not apply His newness to old patterns/ideologies/thoughts.

I’m trusting and praying that this Easter I can enjoy the one who brought unprecedented newness at the cost of great sacrifice. Hope you do too.


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