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One More Reason to Share Lots of Photos on Your Facebook Page

“In an webcam eye-tracking study for Mashable by EyeTrackShop, the 30 participants who viewed top Facebook brand pages almost always looked at pages’ walls first — usually for at least four times longer than any other element on the page.”–Mashable

Facebook eye movement trackingIt’s important to remember that most people interact with the information you share from your Facebook Page on their newsfeed. But when they do visit your actual page it turns out that the wall is the most viewed item.

The most important pieces of content you can share on Facebook are photos. Not only do photos appear 4x larger on people’s newsfeeds but are critical for engaging people who visit your page.

“The Facebook wall with the most images at the time of the test, PlayStation, was also the one that people spent the most time looking at. On average, viewers stayed on the wall for 4.88 seconds. No other page element on any brand’s page held attention for longer than four seconds.“–Mashable

I highly recommend assigning one person to be your ministry or organization’s Facebook photographer. Waiting/hoping for people to upload photos will result in mediocre to poor results. Since photos have a short window for engagement (likes, comments) it’s helpful to upload them as close to the actual event or activity as possible.

From various Facebook Pages I administrate or view even waiting 24 hours to post a photo can significantly decrease the amount of likes and comments it receives.

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