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Online Bible Studies Just Got Easier Via Facebook Groups

Facebook just updated/altered the features of their groups to increase sharing among a small group of people.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The content shared is available by default to ONLY the people in the group
  • Group Chat: Talk together and privately!

Two great ministry applications immediately come to mind:

1. Easily start and lead small group bible studies: having private content and discussions as a group is the key to any small group study.

2. If you live stream your meetings or services you can create small discussion groups that watch the live feed and discuss the meeting together.

Check out the video:

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it in your browser.


  1. Good ideas Brian. There is a lot of potential with this one.

    I remember at MinistryNet there was a bunch of people doing this sort of thing with a set of randoms tools. This may be a great way to provide a comprehensive tool for evangelism and discipleship purposes.

    I’ll post to the eMinistry community letting people know about this.

    • thanks russ!

      the new fb groups seem to be as comprehensive as it gets. now if they allowed live video chat that would be outstanding.

      thanks for letting the eministry community know!

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