Online Community Management for Why Not Me, a Social Giving Startup

Brian applied his subject matter experience in grassroots fundraising, CRM and CMS, and digital marketing and communications to drive awareness, refine the positioning, and understand the key customer segments of newAnthropy. newAnthropy brings Giving Circles, a method of charitable giving that has been popular for hundreds of years, online, to enable individuals to give with those that share their interests to causes that matter most.

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Key Roles

  • Developed key messages for the newAnthropy site, as well as email and social media.
  • Refined customer segments using feedback and research on crowdfunding and micro-lending categories.
  • Established thought leadership content around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Entrepreneurship, Mobile/Social Philanthropy, and Crowdfunding.
  • Drove the identification and removal of user pain points to help improve the overall experience.