Social Media for Ministries
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Online Influence Quote

Hearing a message from a top-scoring “influencer” might make me read, or retweet a message – but seeing it repeated by five people I actually know, like and/or trust makes it law, regardless of the measured “influence” of those people.–Tom Webster, Influence from the Bottom Up


Ministries and non-profits need to do the hard work of following and listening to those inside their organization, and their friends first. As I help my church with their Twitter presence, the two most important actions I can do are:

1. Follow as many people as possible in the surrounding area of our church/city. 

2. Respond to every @ reply we receive. 

These actions demonstrate concern and interest to those people. Otherwise, when we do talk about ourselves or share resources there is little incentive to pay attention.

Let’s do the hard work today of listening and paying attention to others first before we talk about ourselves.

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