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Influence or Control? Open Leadership Video Discussion

“What does it look like to be a leader when you no longer have control?”–Charlene Li

Or Control and Command approach versus Open and Share

My favorite quotes:

“The new question in open leadership is What Can I Enable By Giving Up Control?”

“The customers have changed. They are on Facebook and are waiting to be engaged.”

“We have 16 different brands on Facebook and no one knows which is the real one.”

“Executives need to lead not control”

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it.


  1. Their conclusion(s) says it all for me and what I’ve been so passionately teaching people lately about transparency, loosely quoted: “It’s not about controlling resources or people, it’s about inspiring people…” “If you can’t inspire people how can you possibly expect that they will follow you or support you in your endeavors.” I’m fighting the control mindset in my leadership team and finding inspiration and transparency much more successful.

    • yes! you nailed it bern. there is so much wisdom throughout.

      my fight w control is often based on fear or insecurity–i’m afraid people won’t like my idea/vision/strategy/tactic or i’m worried that if i share my idea/vision/strategy/tactic i’ll be perceived as ______.

      hope your leadership spreads! we need more inspirational leaders!

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