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Re-Think Digital Piracy

“Contrary to what’s often claimed by the movie industry, the researchers conclude that there is no evidence that BitTorrent piracy hurts US box office returns. The above means that movie pirates in the US wouldn’t have bought a ticket at the box office if file-sharing was nonexistent. Only international box office sales see a piracy related decline in revenue, which is attributed to long release windows, something the industry itself can address.”–via Torrentfreak blog

Your online content might flourish if you make it available for free.


  1. Jeff A says

    Agree wholeheartedly about making things available for free. Not sure I’d compare it to illegal acts of piracy that may not have a significant impact on box office. It’s still wrong. I know you’re not advocating piracy but.,,

    • the takeaway for me is that digital pirates are not the same people that pay to see movies, and that going to the movies is more than just consuming content.

      the fear for so many content creators is that their existing audience of paying customers will shrink if they provide the content digitally. in most cases the opposite ends up being true.

      i’m not advocating digital piracy, but i am advocating understanding the different types of potential consumers and their preferences for consuming content, and optimizing one’s content to match their preferences.

  2. Agree with the premise and conclusion about “understanding the different types of consumers and their preferences for consuming content, and optimizing ones content to match their preferences.”

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