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Screens Are The Future

smart tv“The future of media lies on interactive (touchable) screens of all sizes that function as portals to multi-media.”–Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired magazine presented at the Biola Media Conference on the future of media. He noted the increasing presence of screens all around us–billboards, tablets, windows, tv’s, etc.

This resonated with me and why I love my iPad so much–I enjoy the size but also how much media I can access with my fingers. It’s amazing to switch from watching ABC, to Netflix, and then check email. Our family has a TV, but we don’t watch TV on it: we borrow it’s screen and pipe in media from three different sources: our Wii, a Roku box, and an XBOX.

It does seem likes devices are converging to some degree, and that “smart TV’s” are only beginning of this next revolution in digital media. Light, smart, touchable screens may be coming to much more places soon!

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