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Screens that Complement Each Other

So far social media applications have only begun to leverage the multi-screen reality that has emerged.


The TV, desktop, laptop, mobile phone, iPod, and iPad/tablet have different sized screens and different sized capacities. Rather than force an application into all these devices in the same manner, many applications are starting to see the various devices as complementary to one another.

This is an emerging trend that will evolve at a rapid rate in the near future. I’m excited to see much more interactivity between the devices I use, rather than one experience repeated over and over.

Click here to see a short online slideshow about multi-screen strategies.

Have you had any experiences yet with devices that work together?


    • didn’t know that about the Wii–makes total sense though!

      related to ministry–this is one of those things where i believe we will all be stunned by how powerful this technology is in connecting and engaging people.

      if you don’t need to have the same “screen” to join the conversation the opportunities to connect are exponentially expanded!

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