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Sketch for Greater Effectiveness

Sketching out ideas and concepts has helped me solidify abstract ideas and thoughts. In fact “Draft,” a simple sketching tool, is my favorite iPad app.


I found a great article on the benefits of sketching. Here’s a few of the best quotes:

“Sketching provides a unique space that can help you think differently, generate a variety of ideas quickly, explore alternatives with less risk, and encourage constructive discussions with colleagues and clients.”

“Sketching offers you the freedom to explore alternative ideas. Early in a project it’s important to see a variety of different ideas so you can choose the best option.”

“Sketches have an amazing ability to foster discussions about ideas. With colleagues and especially clients, I’ve found sketches give everyone involved the permission to consider, talk about, and challenge the ideas they represent. After all, it’s just a sketch.”

I find I often get many ideas about how to make changes in my ministry but because so many people are involved in each decision, it can be difficult to explore changes without having to have lots of conversations that may not be fruitful. Sketching empowers my creative side with little emotional commitment.

Do you sketch? If so do you like paper or digital?

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  1. I sketch. Maybe not cool little illustrations like you’ve got above, but ideas at the very least. It helps in getting an idea out of my head and brings clarity to the process. I use it in sermon preparation, blog post ideas, promotions, etc.

    In fact, although I use it I have only recently seen the effectiveness of it for me. I have been intending this week to buy a large, wall size note pad (butcher paper?). Then to use it so draw / map out / sketch some upcoming tasks I need to do. So I guess that answers your questions; I’m more a paper kind of guy. Then again, I don’t own an iPad. If I did, I’d sure give it a go! 😉

    • if only i could sketch like that!

      i was using a small moleskine for a while but then when i would want to share them w others (either on my blog or in person), it became a challenge. i prefer paper as well but sketching on the iPad is amazing.

      it’s been so cool when reading a book (on the kindle app) to switch over to draft and start sketching out my thoughts–so much more valuable than taking text notes.

      very cool that you’re sketching! it was hard for me to start since it looked so horrible and i’ve always been self-conscious of drawing anything.

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