Social Media for Ministries
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Social Media and Ministry Partner Development Slide Presentation

I recently presented a two hour seminar to Campus Crusade’s fundraising coaches on how to integrate social media into ministry partner communications.

Here’s the slides from that time:

A few highlights:

  • Email should not supplant a direct mail communication, but complement it. Rather than attaching a direct mail communication in an email as a PDF consider how to vary the content in each communication so that they work together.
  • Facebook communications should originate from a profile rather than a group or a page for maximum engagement.
  • Many potential financial supporters will check your ministry website before making their first donation. Is your website updated with current pictures and information?


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  2. Travis says

    You have a family blog and a ministry blog i noticed. What do you decide to put on the two. and how do you direct supporters. when what you do on this site is your ministry. You don’t share about sharing with students as you mainly are empowering others to do their work. so i do you weave that together more. Sharing MPD ideas like above is one thing but has a specific target audience (staff). if others are in a administrative role and using their blog to help develop others like you are what do you suggest.

    • Hey Travis,
      My blog has always been about non-supporters, and part of my ministry of multiplying my gifts, ideas, passions into the lives of other ministry leaders.

      Since writing is my preferred method of communication it was easy to separate the two, since the needs and audiences were so different.

      If someone is in an administrative role I would strongly consider two different blogs–since every ministry leader has two audiences–their donors and those to whom they are ministering.

      I share a lot of informational content on this blog–most donors would prefer to consume relational content–stories of changed lives and how our family is doing. To be effective in communicating to two audiences you have to segment/separate your channels.

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