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Some Criticism is Good, Lots is Even Better

Two of the biggest changes I made that I was not only proud of but also increased my ministry’s effectiveness were the two most criticized decisions by others.

I’m surprised when people seem to make an intentional effort to find and give you their opinion, even when these people often have no stake in the change being made.

I’ve learned a couple things:

Lots of negative feedback means that you are making a change that is serious. Something is on the line for a large group of people; that’s not just good that’s where I want to focus my time and energy.

If the feedback is thematic and consistent it’s a great sign–that means you have clearly communicated what needs to change. Clarity and focus can be rare and often threatening to people who are used to doing whatever whenever.

By all means consider the feedback and make appropriate changes. But don’t stop leading change!

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