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Staying Present on Social Media

“If you don’t have to begin anew each time, you can cut the effort and spending you’re putting into reaching strangers. And if the consumer can trust that you won’t waste her time, she can spend more time on productive work and less time sorting offers to see what’s worth looking at.”--Seth Godin

It’s easy for non-profits and ministries to wait to interact on social media when they need something or when they are reacting to a crisis. Unfortunately showing up at those times are important for them, but does not demonstrate care and interest to their core audience looking to consume, interact, and share information with them on a regular basis.

‘You can cut the effort and spending you’re putting into reaching strangers.’-Godin

Many ministry leaders assume that offline directly translates to online. That if someone is an advocate or volunteer for them offline, then they will have the same motivations and experience of you online. I find this to rarely be true. More often than not I find myself having a negative or neutral experience with a ministry or non-profit online even though I have a positive experience with them offline.

As digital interactions become even more personal, easy, and abundant, those ministries that fail to show up will have an even harder time increasing volunteers and donations.

Start showing up.

Set up an account with Hootsuite and start scheduling posts for the next 2 weeks. Then a month out. Ideally you would have at least 3 months of content scheduled ahead of time, so you can spend most of your time on interacting, sharing, and promoting your audience.

What non-profits or ministries do a good job of being present that you follow? What do you like about their presence that would be beneficial for others to consider?

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