Social Media for Ministries
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Technology Used Well In Ministry Always Results In…

pulleyGreater effectiveness:

“Technology is fundamentally about doing more with less. Once you realize that, it’s hard to think about doing anything else.”–Peter Thiel, Paypal Founder and first investor in Facebook

The majority of arguments I hear against integrating technology deeper into a ministry relate to the additional time and energy it will require, and how it take away from the “real” ministry going on.

It takes lots of time and energy to learn how to drive a car. Yet no one uses the argument above because that time and energy leads to doing more of life with less time and energy.

If you are leading your ministry or seeking to see more integration be aware of the broken parts of this argument:

  • The time and energy investment is short term, and the long term returns are phenomenal.
  • When used strategically and intentionally, technology always makes ministries more effective people:
    • It increases the amount of “mutual friends” a ministry has
    • It accelerates new relationships and allows for interactions between the in-person time.
    • It streamlines and focuses communications, getting the right information to more people in the way those people chose to receive and interact with information (Top News on Facebook, Twiter, Email, SMS, etc)

Invest the time to learn the tools that will give your ministry a greater reach!

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